sacred women spiral :: a spring healing retreat for women

friday, may 4th, 2018 - sunday, may 6th, 2018

energetic focus :: vishuddha chakra/throat

amethyst retreat center in duncannon, pa 




sacred women spiral :: a spring healing retreat for women

friday, may 4th, 2018 - sunday, may 6th, 2018

energetic focus :: vishuddha chakra/throat

amethyst retreat center in duncannon, pa 




connect  : :  heal  : :  nourish   : :   grow


the retreat package 

  • 3 days // 2 nights at Amethyst Retreat Center located in Duncannon, PA

  • Daily yoga & meditation classes on a gorgeous 150 acre property

  • Handmade, intentionally curated organic vegetarian meals, nourishing herbal infusions, kombucha & kefir, snacks & tea // 6 meals total

  • Hands-on workshops woven into our time //

    • Medicinal plant identification & herbal medicine making 

    • Shamanic journeying

    • Food as Medicine cooking class

    • Hands on healing

    • The power of story - working with the book Women Who Run with the Wolves

  • Daily moonlodge talking stick ceremony
  • Fire ceremony

  • Guided Hikes

  • Sacred Women Spiral gift basket full of beautifully curated gifts and hand-crafted medicinal remedies (approximate value ~$200)

with access to: 

  • 150 acres of meadow and woodlands with trails

  • Stone labyrinth for walking meditations

  • Garden

  • Fire circle

  • Herbal baths

  • Infrared sauna

  • Outdoor dining

locally sourced organic vegetarian meals  

nourishing herbal medicine   

healthy eating cooking class

Food is sacred nourishment for body, mind and soul. Food is connection. Food is love, shared. Food is medicine. 

During our weekend together you will experience the magic of intentionally curated snacks and meals meant to cleanse, nourish and heal. We will teach you how to incorporate wild foods and herbal medicines into your daily experience. Saturday evening we'll gather in the kitchen to learn some of the foundations of delicious, vegetarian meals while making a delicious meal together in a cooking class with Sara Rose & Tara Chickey. 

All snacks and meals are plant-based, organic and locally sourced when possible, and food-allergy friendly.



Experience the power of women coming together to support each other in healing. 

In our Sacred Women Spiral retreats we explore the depths of emotional, physical, and spiritual health through the lens of our energetic centers, the chakras. In this work we seek to heal old wounds, release blocked energy, and to find empowerment in loving who we are now. In this work we use and teach wholistic healing practices that nourish and empower wholeness. In this work we explore authenticity through honest sharing. We practice vulnerability to access our untapped strengths. We use ceremony, story, and prayer to connect with deep inner knowing.

To spiral is to dance with life and to be an advocate for one's own wholeness.   


your guides

your guides

Wise Woman Tradition is the world’s oldest healing tradition. Its symbol is the spiral. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Life is a spiraling, ever-changing completeness. Disease and injury are doorways of transformation. Each one of us is inherently whole, yet seeking greater wholeness; perfect, yet desiring greater perfection. Whole/healthy/holy. Substance, thought, feeling, and spirit inseparable, intertwined.

Good health may be freedom from disease, but it is also openness to change, flexibility, and compassionate embodiment, even when dancing with cancer or healing from a serious accident. Uniqueness rather than normalcy. Not a cure, but an integration; not the elimination of the bad, but a nourishing of wholeness/health/holiness.

Nourishment of wholeness/health/holiness is invisible, simple, grounded, holographic, both/and, ever-changing, woman-centered, and compassionate.
— Susun Weed

about us

We have seen, felt and experienced the power of women coming together to heal. Drawing from our diverse personal histories in healing, bodywork, spiritual practice, yoga, herbalism, art, cooking, and deep journey work, we create safe and inspired space for nourishment and awakening. We believe that healing/wholing/wholeness unfolds as a natural response to alignment with our joy. We believe in the power of personal healing to create health in the world around us. We seek to create a space for exploration, for courage, for receiving, and for supporting each other in art of self love.  

We are space holders. We are facilitators in the deep. We are poets, artists, lovers, mystics. We are healers. We are medicine women. We love the power found in taking ownership of one's shit. We love the awakening that comes from honest journeys into the darkness. We open and open and open again to all that life offers, even when it hurts. We honor our feelings and emotions and exercise the power of our choice. We look for space to let ourselves be. 

We are honored to be taking this journey by your side. As Ram Das wisely put it, "We are all just walking each other home." 

With Love & excitement for our collective unfolding, 

Sara Rose Bryant, LMT, RYT

Tara Chickey


retreat details

retreat details

accommodations & pricing


  • SHARED COMMON ROOM // 9 single beds available //
    • investment: $650 or $600 early bird discount if registered before March 15th
  • TENT CAMPING ON LAND with all access to indoor spaces & bathrooms // 9 tent spaces available //
    • investment: $550 or $500 early bird discount if registered before March 15th

how to sign up

please fill out the contact form below to select your room package and make arrangements to place your deposit to hold space in the retreat. Payments are preferably made by check or through paypal. 

A non-refundable $200 deposit is required to hold your space. Full payment due by April 1st, 2018. 

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