hello dear ones, 

at many thresholds in each of our lives, there are times when we hear the call and must courageously follow our hearts into unknown territories, regardless of what people think. at these times we are asked to be our own best friends. we are nudged to ask for what we feel we are worth, in our work and in our relationships. a large theme in the work I do with my clients (and myself) is helping to find the roots of the pain, resentments, and suffering, and to ignite the flame of inner courage to look deeply within ourselves for ways in which we might be standing in the way of the healing we seek. we must all learn to take ownership of the state of our life: our thoughts and actions, the energies that surround us, the people we let in, the work that we do. we must be brave in seeing how we are contributing to our own imbalance and ask for help from trusted friends on the path when our clarity is muddled or our heart is unsure.

as I remain consistent in practicing this work inside myself, i now notice more quickly when I am not in alignment with the guidance I give out. that was a large part of the reason I chose to close the yoga studio. i began to feel like i was living a double life. all day long i was coaching and guiding people in the ways of self care, nurturing, acknowledgement, and inner honoring and yet, not listening to my own inner voice who was yearning for space and time to enjoy life. that discrepancy - between what I knew to be true and what I was doing in my own life -became a heavy burden that began to effect my health, my relationships, and my ability to see the good in life. I had to start taking responsibility for the part I was playing in the imbalance in my life, even though I knew I would disappoint others, even though I was scared to make such a big change. 

i notice this theme coming up in many of us at this time. as the circumstances and energy of the world get more wild and unpredictable, (although, maybe it's always been this way!) we are being strongly guided to ask ourselves some honest questions, such as, "do I honor what I know to be true?" - "do I follow the advise and encouragement I so easily give out to others?" - "am I following my heart in this action, this relationship, this work, this thought?" I am, and continue to, work hard to make time to reflect and take ownership for ways in which I am not honoring my own medicine, because the truth is - our happiness and alignment can come from no external source. it is up to us. 

for only the 3rd time in my 14 year journey as a massage therapist, I am raising my prices to better reflect my time and energetic offering. those of you who see me know that for every 1hr session, you tend to be here for an average of 75-90minutes and for every 90minute offering, you tend to be here for closer to 2hrs. I am doing what no one else can do for me - taking care of my own well-being. I encourage you to do the same, friends. 

as of January 2017 my prices will raise to the following :: 

All bodywork offerings :: $95/hour & $125/90minutes

Intuitive Coaching :: $40/30min & $70/hour

Private Yoga Sessions :: $65/75min 

Combo Sessions (combination of any 2 types of services I offer) :: $125/90min & $160/2hrs

**please know that while i am very grateful to receive gratuities in addition to my rate, it is never expected or required. for those in need of healing that cannot afford it, I am always willing to consider working on a sliding scale. please make time to chat with me and we can figure out an appropriate arrangement.** 

my deepest gratitude for your continued support and belief in the work that I offer. I would not be who I am without you each of you to grow alongside. 

with so much love, 

sara rose