Happy spring sweet friends! 

The 1st of April is a special one for me, 6yrs ago I arrived here in Harrisburg after a long cross country train ride from Seattle to Chicago and then a long car ride to Harrisburg a few days later with a boat load of my stuff.  I moved for love, to be here with Misha in his home town. What many of you already know about me is: I am a deeply sentimental romantic. I chose to leave the city I was born and raised in exactly 2years to the day that I had met Misha for the first time on Spring Equinox. I chose that time because it felt sweet to honor that magical time of the year when we had first laid eyes on each other, that time of year that marked the beginning of us spiraling our lives into one another. 

Instead of flying - which truth be told is not my favorite mode of transport - I thought well, wouldn't it be a beautiful journey to get to witness the country between my old home and my soon-to-be home on the east coast! Also you can take a lot of stuff on a train... up to 10 or more pieces of luggage and that seemed like the best way to get the remainder of my things over here for the best price. So I packed up/sold/gave away most of my stuff and booked a 3 day train ride across country from Seattle to Chicago where Misha and I have friends, where he would meet me, and we would drive off together into the sunset and behold our new life together in Pennsylvania. 

Well, as fate would have it, that romantic train ride ended up being a pretty big shit show. I imagined myself eating cheese plates and drinking wine, I imagined long comfortable naps in my train car, I imagined meeting glamorous people and making life-long friends, I imagined writing lilting poetry and finding deep inspiration. While I did make one friend who I felt deeply connected to and still keep in touch with today, everything else was pretty much a pipe dream. First of all, Amtrak is not a European dream liner train car. Amtrak is poorly funded, has pretty terrible food, often smells of poisonous chemicals, and informed me at the moment I checked in that I would have to get off the train in the middle of the night with my insane amount of stuff to get on a bus for a couple of hours due to a derailment on the line. I quickly learned that I would likely not be having a restful, romantic journey I had imagined to my new home. 

There is more to the story (isn't there always!?) but my point in sharing this is that the cosmic trickster just loves to poke fun at our overly romantisized notions of grandeur and enjoyment. Not that it is bad to be hopeful or to dream about things working out, in fact I think we could all use a little bit more of that. But it was almost as if because I put up such heavy expectations around the "magic" of the journey, that the let down of it not being what I expected made it hard for me to enjoy what was happening, made it hard for me to see the magic in the messiness and in the things-not-at-all-working-out-as-planned. 

Now when I reflect on that time I love that it was a mess, and it makes me laugh that it was such a shit show compared to my grandiose dreams. I love that pretty much everything went not at all according to plan, because in retrospect I can see that it was a preparation for the mystery I was entering in coming to this new place. It was a reminder to let go of expectations and to ride the wave that life was presenting me. I could have never imagined what was in store for me here. I probably would have ran like hell if I had. Ha! And though there have been many challenges, I wouldn't take a single one of them back because I can see that challenge by challenge I was shaping who I am today. I feel proud of myself for what I have been through, for all that I have been willing to learn and grow with, and all that I have been willing to let die. 

So I remind you as I remind myself today friends - take some small comfort in the mystery of life. Try to stop fighting against what is and let any old outworn parts of you shed and dissolve like dust in the wind. Know that if you care for yourself well, if you spend time working on your own strength and happiness, if you learn to truly trust what life is presenting and yourself in dealing with whatever is, it will ALL BE OKAY, especially the messiness and pain and confusion. If we welcome whatever life offers into our loving arms we have a better chance at proceeding with grace, and we have a better chance at manifesting solutions. Through the experience of life moment-to-moment we can explore what we are made of,  and take the full ride to grow wise enough inside of ourselves to learn and grow from whatever is showing up. It is up to us. 

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With Love & Gratitude ~ 

Sara Rose